🔄Royalty sharing mechanism

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Every mercenary has 4 royalties slots. A fixed and immutable one that is the Sensei And 3 normal slots than can be updated. When you recruit a mercenary you can add your address to any available royalties slot of any mercenary. When a mercenary is recruited the royalties are shared among all creditors


The 3 slots give different royalties amont.

Slot% royalties







Locked & unlocked slots

When you add your address to a slot it becomes 'locked' until the 1st time payment. This means that nobody can override your spot with their address. After the first payment, the slot becomes 'unlocked' but the address stays in the slot until it is overridden.

You are guaranteed to receive at least once the royalties from a slot.

You are guaranteed to get at least once the royalties from a slot.

Slot attribution

You cannot specify a specific slot. You only pick a mercenary and your address will be added to the first unlocked slot. If the first slot is unlocked, this is the first attributed slot even if slot 2 or 3 is empty. You can see that the 1st slot pays the most but it's also the first to be overridden. Up to you to choose your own strategy among targeting 1, 2 or 3rd slot. When you recruit a mercenary you can add your address into one to three royalties slot of this or other mercenaries. ( see Troupe & Grande companie )

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