🔥Mercenaries of Efyria

NO GODS, NO MASTERS — Mercenary's motto


Mercenaries of Efyria is a gamified NFT collection like you've never seen before. It consists of 999 NFTs that can never really be possessed. This project is built on 4 pillars:

  1. Disruption of private property leveraging web3 technologies (unlike most NFT project Mercenaries of Efyria could not have been possible with traditional web2)

  2. Royalties sharing game.

  3. Non toxic marketing ( fundamental over hype)

  4. Original art creation

Mercenaries of Efyria in 5 min


No gods, no masters — as the saying goes. They understood it so well, that they engraved it on their souls If you have to remember only one thing, then know that you will never be the true master of a mercenary. You have been warned. In a kingdom forgotten by the gods, ruled by greedy men, without morals or scruples, wars and skirmishes are commonplace. In this chaotic context, the free companies and their mercenaries play the game well. Sometimes highwaymen, local militia or simple cannon fodder, the powerful compete for their services but loyalty of these mad dogs is as tenuous as the virtue of a courtesan.

What can you do with a mercenary ?

Ready to explore this unique collection and be taken on an unexpected journey?



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