A mercenary's loyalty is always to his purse, never to his prince. - François de La Rochefoucauld


You can bribe a mercenary at anytime you want. Including if he is not listed on a marketplace or if his current owner refuses to sell him. In case the mercenary accepts the bribe, the NFT is transferred directly to your wallet, irrespective of whether the mercenary is stored in your Metamask wallet, a multi-signature contract or a cold storage ledger. This mean that no one could ever own a mercenary. It's always possible for someone to snatch him from you. This is the true nature of mercenaries, they have no loyalty and will always fight for the highest bidder, period.
Web3 killed private property. There is nothing an owner can do to prevent a mercenary from being recruited.

How to bribe ?

A mercenary is willing to accept a bribe if the offered amount is at least equal to their last mission price plus the current royalty fee. There is no advantage but nothing to stop you from paying more. The easiest way is to use the web interface
initial bribe price is 0.01 Ξ

Cash back

When a mercenary accept a bribe, the previous owner get his money back. The amount depend on how many mercenaries the previous owner has. It goes from 96% to up to 101%
Nb mercenaries
% cash back
5 and more is the sweet spot as don't loose money when someone snatch your one of your mercenary.
if you own 20 or more mercenaries you even earn money when someone snatch a mercenary from you !


When you recruit a mercenary you have to send an amount of ETH equal or greater than his recruitment price. You can also specify up to 3 mercenaries ID where to add your address to their royalties slot. - Compute how much will be refunded to the current owner. - Compute the total amount of royalties to be shared. ( ETH sent - amount refunded to owner) - Compute the royalties sharing among up to 3 creditors, sensei and dev shares. - Add your address to the royalties slot you specified (lend action) - Compute the next mission price and update the mercenary value. - Pay everybody - Transfer the mercenary to his new Patron - Emit a Recruited event